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Sales for Spare Parts and Standard Components



WPS offers spare part sales for all equipment that WPS provides. For more information, please fill out the form and someone will respond to you shortly.

For Spare Parts:


Telephone: 318.812.2836


Abort Gates


Protect your pneumatic equipment and provide a safer environment with the WPS SparkGuard High Speed Abort Gate. The WPS Abort Gate is activated by spark detection equipment and diverts hazardous sparks and fire. It has a control panel with manual test and auto-reset buttons. Standard sizes are available to meet most pneumatic applications.

Directional discharge hood rotates in 90 degree increments
Electric actuator for gate reset

Optional inlet and discharge transitions

OSHA approved guards

Proximity switches to indicate blade position

Inspection door for magnet and upper seals

Safety device to detect open door and prevent injury

Inspection door for gate and lower seals

Backdraft Dampers



Typical installation is to locate the damper upstream of low-pressure pneumatic collectors (cyclone or filters). Our dampers are designed to automatically relieve back pressure under upset conditions. WPS Backdraft Dampers protect equipment and provide a safer environment. Our dampers also divert explosive pressure increased from plant facility. Standard size available up to 48″ diameter.

Replaceable aluminum explosion vent
Optional discharge transition available
Rolled body reduces air turbulence and material build-up
Adjustable counterweight arm
Heavy gauge steel construction
Standard angle ring inlet connection

Rotary Airlock



Airlocks are commonly used for pressure seals, low-pressure pneumatic cyclone or filters, storage silos or bins or various enclosed conveyors. The WPS Rotary Airlock is an economic alternative to machine rotary feeders in many applications. The housing can be fabricated utilizing various metals (optional). Also available as an option is the double neoprene rotor tips or steel tips. Standard sizes available to meet most pneumatic applications.
Durable fabricated mild steel housing standard with removable end plates
Drive guard per O.S.H.A. standards
Standard TEFC high-efficiency motor
Flexible neoprene rotor tips for maintaining minimum air losses.
Painted to customer specifications
Belt driven shaft mount reducer assembly

Feeder Package

The WPS Feeder Package are Western Pneumatics feeders with heavy gauge construction of t-injectors and tables. T-injectors are available for any size pipe up to 24″ with optional check valves.

Drive guard per O.S.H.A standards
Belt driven shaft mount reducer assembly
Top knife access door
Extra heavy housing of reinforced box construction with chrome-plated bore
Bottom knife at discharge opening cleans rotor blades at that point
Removable inspection door on tee injector for access to bottom knife
Special design tee injector with integrated check valve
Helical rotor blades with stainless steel cutting edges
Chipper quality alloy steel knife at top for shearing “overs” and cleaning rotor blades
Adjustable brass seal rings for minimum air loss
Dual shaft seals for minimum air loss
Over-size stress-proof alloy steel rotor shaft
Double roller outboard mounted bearings to prevent contamination
Access door for inspection of check valve

Abort Gates

Backdraft Dampers

Rotary Airlock

Feeder Package